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So, puppy-having plans have been put on indefinite hold, obviously, because one bedroom apartments do not a dog-friendly environment make.

Therefore, the money I have saved for a pup is going into making Merlin a MASSIVE, gorgeous, outdoor enclosure!

I drew up a basic blueprint, and I plan on building it in stages. First I’ll build the enclosure itself, then I’ll lay down the substrate and grass seed and plants and let everything sprout and settle, and then I’ll introduce Merlin to the new habitat.

Any fellow herpers have some pro tips about housing a tortoise?


In case you’re sad here are some buns.

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Mum being silly while I dry off after my bath

Hermann’s torties are the best!

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Aaand a kiss for you

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"Tux just turned 8 weeks old."

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i love planet earth and the fact that is an actual real creature

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Sharky….10 weeks old

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